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Ramsau 2.0 lth

229,95 €

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Dachstein mid cut shoes for men
The DACHSTEIN Ramsau takes the anniversary collection towards more moderate challenges. The broader shape of the shoe guarantees plenty of room and comfort for feet out on relaxing treks. The soft leather inner lining encourages natural regulation of humidity and temperature, and produces the be???st possible fit. In fact, the new DACHSTEINs have an anatomically shaped tongue that makes the procedure of putting the boot on easier and more comfortable. Red laces, uppers made of high grade oiled velour leather and burnished eyelets all lend the 'Ramsau' that unmistakeable Dachstein retro look; whereas the sole construction is purely the product of the very latest shoemaking technology. Although the TPU stiffening plate is not visible, it has an extremely significant supporting effect, increasing comfort for the foot arches - particularly on long treks. The 'Vibram® Multifilm' sole also employs the very latest sole technology and guarantees supreme grip.