Luhta Whistleblowing Channel

Luhta’s confidential whistleblowing channel helps maintain customers’ and stakeholders’ confidence in Luhta’s business operations. The whistleblowing channel allows Luhta employees, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to report their suspicions of misconduct or criminal activity concerning Luhta.

Please note that the whistleblowing service is not intended for customer feedback. You can reach our customer service by email at or by calling +358 (0)9 2310 0080. The telephone service is available on weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The reports filed through the whistleblowing channel are processed confidentially by persons authorised by Luhta. In very limited circumstances, information may be disclosed to third parties, for example, to authorities for the purpose of reporting an offence or police investigation. Reports can also be filed completely anonymously. Luhta is committed to protecting all persons who have filed a report in good faith and ensure that no countermeasures will be taken against such persons. Luhta observes applicable legislation in its report investigation.

The whistleblowing channel service is maintained by an independent third-party company Webropol Oy, which provides a secure and user-friendly whistleblowing channel service.

You can use Luhta’s whistleblowing channel to report any suspicions of misconduct regarding Luhta.

Please note that if your report concerns a matter related to human resources management, for example, harassment or bullying, please contact Luhta’s human resources management. You can contact Luhta’s human resources management by email at

Filing intentionally false reports is prohibited and may lead to legal consequences.

Luhta confirms the reception of the report within seven (7) days. Luhta will respond to your report when the investigation is completed or, at the latest, within three (3) months of the receipt of the report. Luhta will inform you of the measures to be taken as a result of your report.

After filing your report, you will be given a password linked to the report. Make sure to write it down. You will need this password to access Luhta’s messages to you.

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