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Passion for

Ril’s Woman is modern, confident and considerate. She is interested in fashion and values quality and timeless elegance. She is caring and responsible. Ril’s values can be summarized into three words: HUMAN, PASSION, REAL.

Passion for modelling

“Modelling has been my passion ever since I was a child”, states Amanda Hakalax, a Finnish fashion model who has also been modelling for Ril’s collection presentations during the years.<br><br><br>

As a young girl Amanda was successful in the Mallikoulu (Model School) contest in Finland in 2015, which opened the doors for her as modelling professionally.

“It is rewarding to see different situations and working surroundings and meet all kinds of people. In the first place, modelling has given me a lot of confidence, but also a lot of experiences that I would not have been able to experience without modelling. I am also wildly inspired by the results of what I see after the photo shooting. The most important feedback naturally comes from the customers, whether they are satisfied or not. I would say that without the modelling work I certainly would not be the same as I am now and that it has grown me a lot.

Today people describe me as a determined, adaptable and positive person with a good attitude. I am not the tallest model in the agency, but the missing centimeters I compensate with my attitude.

I addition to my work as a model, I also have a passion for exercise and nature, which both offer a great counterbalance to my work. My favorite place is definitely the forest. There my mind rests and I get power for the next tasks. It is often enough if you just walk there for a while and admire its beauty and silence.

In clothing choices I focus on buying better rather than more. In Ril’s Spring 2021 collection I fell in love with the minimalistic look and decided to make a few seasonless core investments.

Passion for dancing

Anniina Raittinen is a 27-year-old dancer and dance teacher from Helsinki. Despite her young age, Anniina has a long dance history. Over the years, she has had many different dance works and projects. She has danced at various events and in the background of artists. For the last four years, she has been able to be seen as a background dancer at JVG concerts, among other things.

"Over the past several dancing years I’ve been allowed to see and experience unforgettable things in the dance field," says Anniina. “My passion for dancing has been born as a very young girl. I feel that dancing is a part of me. It’s part of my identity, like my right hand. It has been that for a long time and will certainly be on some level throughout my life.”

 “In addition to dancing, I am interested in well-being and health, as well as happiness. I think it’s important that your everyday life feels meaningful. I am inspired by the people around me, by creativity and passion.”

 In clothing, Anniina pays attention to the whole look. She loves beautiful as well as comfortable and casual clothes. The best thing is if these features are combined. A beautiful bag is like a cherry on top of a cake.

Passion for music, theatre and everything beautiful

Anna Hanski, who started her music career as a young girl, nowadays works for a wide range of music, theater and audio projects. “If You Don’t Call,” “Summer Wine,” “Emotions,” and many other wonderful Anna’s songs we’ve heard over the years, and we’ve also seen her on the theater stage.

It was wonderful to listen to this always so positive woman tell about her sources of inspiration and passions:

"I've always been interested in everything related to my work, I can say I'm a hard-working culture hedonist and enjoy being on stage as well as in the audience. I feel that the versatile and open-minded pursuit of art always brings inspiration to my own work.

I am also inspired by everything beautiful around me. Beautiful clothes, decor, scents, good food and coffee in beautiful surroundings elevate my mind in everyday life. I follow fashion and interior design trends, health and well-being, although I have already found my own style strongly. I also want my values ​​to be reflected in my choices. I strive for sustainable choices that succeed by investing in quality.

I love cooking and especially when having family and friends around the table. The most wonderful moments with loved ones have always been built around food. Table setting is important, of course, and sometimes it’s wonderful to design even a small program number for people to delight and enrich the evening. The food memories that come with the trips are also important.

I wanted something classic and feminine on me. And while I usually wear dresses, I fell in love with these pants immediately. And the silk blouse is lovely. I don’t usually distinguish between casual and festive clothing but it’s nice that the garment works in many places even when changing jewelry and shoes. This set is suitable for many different situations.”