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Luhta is a leading Finnish clothing group, one of the largest sportswear companies in Europe. Active people in more than 50 countries around the world have chosen and use our unique brands and products, representing Finnish heritage and know-how.

Luhta Sportswear Company in brief

Luhta Sportswear Company is a Finnish family business founded in 1907 in Lahti, where we still maintain our headquarters. Well established, financially robust and a trustworthy employer, partner and corporate citizen, we are one of the largest sportswear manufacturers in the Nordics. We employ 1,320 people. Group turnover is some €196 million (year 2021).
Our best-known brands are Luhta, Icepeak, Rukka, Torstai, Dachstein, Ril’s, O.i.s. and Your FACE. Our retail brands are Luhta Brand Store, Luhta Outdoor Store, Aleksi 13, Your FACE, Ril's and Aleksi 13. The Group's main markets are Central Europe, France, the Netherlands and Italy.

Luhta Sportswear Company combines dynamic design, quality production, solid customer understanding and effective marketing into a portfolio of smart-choice brands. This focus gives us deep insight into creating maximum long-term value for all our stakeholders.

We strive to anticipate evolving consumer expectations and continuously reinvent our forward planning to match them most profitably. By maintaining close customer and end-user focus, we have the most powerful tools for achieving commercial success and building an enduring reputation.


We inspire an active and healthy lifestyle from one generation to another.


Next 100 years of inspiration and success stories.


Internal entrepreneurship: we give room to develop and grow, take responsibility and influence

  • together with our enthusiastic, development-oriented and highly-skilled personnel, we constantly create new success stories

  • we take the initiative, take responsibility and see things through

  • we support an environment where our people develop their skills

Renewal: we are curious, innovative and dare to challenge ourselves and each other

  • we are brave and agile in decision-making and open to change

  • we innovate and keep up with the development of the international development

  • we discuss openly and learn from adversity

Working together: Together we achieve more and succeed

  • We support the creation of team spirit, we succeed together and communicate openly

  • everyone has a responsibility to ask, listen, care and intervene; each of us has an important role to play as part of the team, we respect each other

  • we value each person as an individual and support their overall well-being

Responsibility: Through our choices, we want to leave behind a better world.

  • our operations are transparent, and we commit to the sustainability targets we set

  • we take action, we are aware of our responsibilities, and we encourage all our stakeholders to make responsible choices

  • We design and create products that last, in terms of both quality and design