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Sustainability at Luhta

Sustainability has always been an integral part of Luhta’s business. To ensure more systematic and continuous development, in spring 2021 we started building a new sustainability program for the company. This large program covers our entire business – from planning and sourcing to production and marketing. As part of the sustainability program, we are also developing the communication around our sustainability efforts. In 2022 we published our first Sustainability Report, communicating in more detail about our sustainability goals and actions.

Our sustainability program is based on four themes through which we review and improve our operations:

1) Production & sourcing

2) Climate & environment

3) Trusted partner and employer

4) Sustainable future

Our business is based on creating products that stand the test of time in terms of quality and design. Sustainability is thus at the heart of our operations; through our products, we want to be part of building a more sustainable future

By making sustainable products, we are supporting a circular economy, but in many ways we are also creating opportunities for a better everyday life. For us, personnel safety and wellbeing are important, but we also understand our impact on people more broadly. We want to do our part to raise awareness of environmental impacts and the circular economy opportunities and to increase the transparency in our sector.