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Luhta Home

Inspired by the unique nature of the North

Luhta Home stands for modern Scandinavian home decoration. Luhta Home produces high-quality home textiles and decorative pieces with everyday life in mind. Inspiration for the products in the collection comes from the North and from nature: a stronghold of creativity, peace and beauty. Products of high quality and durable design are important principles of product development for Luhta. The colours and materials of Luhta Home collections combine clarity, freshness and relaxed way of life. It offers beautiful decoration concepts for various rooms: bathroom, sauna, bedroom, living room and kitchen. The total concept includes high quality towels, bed linen, throws, pillows, kitchen and sauna textiles, curtains, baskets, storage products, lanterns and a full collections of home scents.

Sustainable choice

Nature is important to us Finns! Sustainable choice products contain recycled materials. Re-used materials leave less burden on our environment. They reduce waste and support the circular economy. Re-used materials help conserve water and energy and spare natural resources by giving existing materials new lives.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is a soft, durable and natural material cultivated without harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Its production process is certified and its origin is traceable. The product dyeing and printing methods are based on the use of water-soluble dyes.

Environment-friendly packages

We lead the way towards a more sustainable future. In addition to the organic cotton and recycled materials we have given up to use plastic in package material. Our cardboard hangers, hangtags and packages are made of recycled and biodegradable FSC certificated paper.

Let us take care of our Earth

As a part of sustainability and eco friendly practice, main part of our product manufacturing energy is produced by solar power. Water that we use for processing and dyeing is re-processed and re-used. Our transport method reduces CO² emissions significantly. Instead of sending our products by air, we ship them.

Pass the good along

Make someone else happy by donating old textiles that are still in good condition, or find them a new owner through second-hand shops. When textiles come to the end of their useful life, consider recycling the material instead of throwing it out. Properly recycled textiles can be used, for example, as cleaning cloths or as insulation material.