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Canoe camping is a great way to get to know nature from a slightly different perspective. Compared to a normal hike, kayaking allows you to have an adventure in coastal nature and experience new activities by the water. Courageously and curiously, try kayaking and discover a new way of exploring the outdoors. Before heading to the waters, there are a few things to consider in order to make your canoeing or kayaking adventure the best it can be. 

How do I get started with canoeing? 

Canoeing is a relatively simple sport, where a canoe or kayak is usually moved by paddling. The movement is controlled with the hands, but the power comes from the middle body.  Depending on the side you are paddling on, the canoe or kayak turns to the direction you want to head on to.   However, this can change a bit if there are more than one paddler on board. Practice paddling in calm weather. Also, an experienced instructor can be a great help at the beginning. Keep the practice short on your first time as learning a new technique can be wearing. 

What kind of equipment do I need? 

The most important equipment for a paddler is of course a kayak or canoe and a paddle. They are available in different models, such as open and closed versions and they are made from different materials for different numbers of people, for different conditions and equipped with a wide variety of additional parts and features. It's worth considering what kind of use the canoe or kayak will be used for, and what type of features you need. There are also many kinds of paddles, with different features to get to know of as well.  

Useful equipment on a canoe camping also includes other usual camping supplies such as a backpack, gas stove, camping food, tent, sleeping bag, fire-making needs and so on. However, special attention should be paid to protecting all possible items from moisture. Various small plastic bags are quite handy for this purpose. Otherwise, you can pack almost anything for a kayaking trip, if you can pack them carefully. At the end of the page, you will find a packing list, which will help you make sure that you leave nothing useful behind!