GORE-TEX® technology

GORE-TEX® footwear is designed for indoor and outdoor use in moderate and warmer conditions or during higher activity levels. They are durably waterproof combined with optimized breathability, and therefore the ideal solution for people who value outstanding climate comfort and heat release.

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GORE-TEX® SURROUND® technology

GORE-TEX® footwear with SURROUND® Product Technology not only keeps your feet dry all around, it also allows them to stay nice and cool. The innovative sole structure on these shoes blends prominent functionality with contemporary design.

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Vibram® is the market leader in the manufacture and technological development of high-performance rubber soles for outdoor activities, work safety, lifestyle clothing and orthopaedics. For over 80 years, the distinctive yellow octagon has stood for quality, performance, safety, innovation and design. Since the development of the very first rubber soles for mountaineering, Vibram® has achieved benchmark status in the footwear market.

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Steiner Loden

Loden is a traditional Austrian wool fabric that is dense and thick, similar to felt. In 1888, the Steiner family founded a loden mill at the foot of the Dachstein massif. Here, high quality wool from all over the world is turned into 100 % natural products. Loden fabric has been valued for its water-repellent, wind-resistant and heat-retaining properties.

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ECONYL® fibre

ECONYL® fibre is a regenerated nylon material made out of so-called “ghost nets”, fishing nets abandoned or lost in the ocean, and other nylon waste. The special textile yarn can be regenerated again and again without any loss of quality, which ensures sustainability.

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Perwanger® leather

Perwanger® produces the ideal mountain sports leather for extreme conditions. The raw material for Perwanger® leathers are cowhides from the Alps. A careful selection of raw materials is crucial for this high-end quality product from the Alps.

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RECCO® detection system

RECCO® technology makes you easier to locate in case of an emergency. The RECCO® chip is a passive reflector that requires no power source and is integrated into your shoe. Search and rescue personnel can use a RECCO® detector that sends out a signal, which is then reflected by the chip, providing information about the current location of the user. This eliminates the need to carry a battery, a mobile phone or a GPS transponder. A whole square kilometre of terrain can be searched by a helicopter in just 3–4 minutes.

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Boa Fit System

The Boa® Fit System delivers closure and adjustment solutions purpose-built for performance. Boa’s patented system consists of three integral parts: a micro-adjustable dial, a super-strong lightweight lace and low-friction lace guides. Each unique configuration is engineered to optimise fit and provide precision, adaptability and control. The Boa® Fit System dials and laces are backed by The Boa® Guarantee.

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