Icepeak Pet – Moves your dog

Headed to new adventures! Let curiosity guide you and never miss the chance for some fun. That’s dog’s life at its best – and also Icepeak’s outlook on life.

Icepeak equips adults and children with sports clothing for enjoying the outdoors. We noticed, however, that there was something missing. Typically, it is the dog who’s the first one to rush out when the front door opens. As apparel professionals, we wanted to put our extensive expertise to good use for our canine friends, as well, and started the production of technical accessories and gear for dogs.

Icepeak Pet products don’t lack colour or energy. Going for a walk is already the highlight of the day for every dog, but we make it even more fun with technical and functional gear that poses no restrictions on the appetite for exploration – no matter the weather. Racing forward and playing with your dog puts a smile to your face, too. Then our mission has been accomplished: being outdoors together is the best entertainment.