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Rukka Pets dog collars

A comfortable dog collar is an essential piece of gear for your pet. Make sure to choose the collar carefully, since your dog will be wearing it daily. Quality dog collars are durable, easy to clean and feel comfortable on your dog's neck. Find the right collars for small and large dogs on our website.

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Durable dog collars

Your dog’s comfort and safety are always top priorities when choosing a collar. The Rukka Pets dog collars are made from durable materials that feel good against your dog's neck. Keep in mind the special characteristics of your dog's breed when choosing a collar. For example, the wide and soft Rukka Pets Cube Hound Collar is the perfect collar for dogs with long and narrow necks.

The locks on the collar endure strong and sudden pulling. Stay safe in the dark with a collar equipped with reflective details. A waterproof collar is easy to clean and dries quickly. 

How to choose the right dog collar

The most important thing when choosing a dog collar is to find one that is wide enough for your dog’s neck. This way the collar feels comfortable. These tips help you choose the right dog collar:

  • Size of your dog. For small dogs and puppies, choose a collar that is as light as possible to avoid discomfort on the neck. Young dogs can grow quickly, so their collar should have adjustable straps and features.
  • How active your dog is. Choose a wide and lined collar if your dog is young and still learning to walk on a leash. The light padding softens sudden pulling during walks. The Rukka Pets Mission Collar has a sturdy handle for extra control in demanding situations.
  • Attachment of the collar. Choose a convenient slip-on collar or a collar with a sturdy snap-on buckle. For a strong dog, choose a collar with reinforced loops next to the clasp.


Order dog collars online

A suitable dog collar is loose enough but stays in place. The collar fits when you can easily slip two fingers under the collar. See the size guide for more information and help when choosing a collar for your dog. Order dog collars easily from our online shop.