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Rukka Pets dog harnesses

High-quality dog harnesses feel comfortable and let your pet move easily. A soft harness does not cause discomfort to your dog even when moving in challenging terrain. Find harnesses that suit dogs of all breeds and sizes.

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Dog harnesses for all breeds

Consider the breed and size of your dog when choosing a harness. Choose a light and well-padded harness for a small dog to avoid discomfort on your dog's neck and chest. Small dogs can move freely in the Rukka Pets Comfort Flash harness. The materials used in the harness are exceptionally soft and gentle on the dog’s body and coat.

Larger dogs need sturdier harnesses. A handle on the back of the harness helps to keep your dog close when needed. The chest section of the dog harness should be wide enough to distribute the weight evenly.

A fitting dog harness is comfortable and ergonomic. Most of the Rukka Pets dog harnesses have adjustment straps around the dog’s chest and neck to make sure the harness fits well.

Durable dog harnesses

Rukka Pets dog harnesses are durable and designed for demanding use. All dog harnesses are easy to put on, even in a hurry. Many of our dog harnesses allow you to attach the leash under the neck or on the back of your dog.

A water-resistant dog harness is easy to clean. The wet harness does not weigh or rub your dog when moving. The reflective strips of the Rukka Pets dog harness make your dog visible in the dark.

How to choose the best dog harness

Consider your dog's size and weight when choosing a harness. Your pet feels comfortable in all environments when the dog harness fits properly. Here are some tips to help you measure your dog and choose the right harness:

  • Always measure your pet in a standing position.
  • Use a soft tape measure.
  • Pay special attention to the measurement of your dog's chest circumference.
  • Use a size chart if necessary.

Read more tips for measuring your dog and order durable dog harnesses for your pet. A high-quality dog harness is comfortable to wear and lasts in demanding use.