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Rukka Pets dog leashes

Durable and practical dog leashes are a must-have for every dog owner. Choose a short or standard leash for a walk around town. A longer leash gives your dog more freedom to explore the environment. Find quality dog leashes for all breeds from Rukka Pets.

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Leashes for small and large dogs

Walking your dog is safe and pleasant with the right leash. A small dog needs a light leash that feels comfortable during a walk. Leashes for puppies should be as light as possible.

A large dog needs a stronger leash. Rukka Pets dog leashes have been tested for tensile strength, making them suitable for larger dogs. Carefully selected materials feel comfortable when holding the leash. The rubberized material in the Rukka Pets Grip Leash provides additional grip and better control.

How to choose the right dog leash

Choose the dog leash according to its intended use. A durable and water-resistant leash with adjustable length is suitable for everyday use. We recommend using a longer leash for various hobbies with your dog. Longer leashes allow your dog more space to practice. 

A retriever leash is easily attached to your dog by putting a loop over the dog's head. 

The retriever leash is handy to use in situations where the leash needs to be attached and detached quickly, for example during retrieving exercises. With the Rukka Pets multi-function dog leash, you can walk two dogs at the same time. In addition to the purpose and size of the dog leash, consider the following when choosing a leash:

  • How active your dog is. Choose a wide and durable leash for a playful and active dog. Pair the dog leash with the Rukka Pets Solid Harness for additional control of your dog. The harness has a back handle to help you keep your dog close when needed.
  • Materials. All dog leashes should be made from materials that feel comfortable for you and your dog. A padded handle increases comfort when walking.
  • Reflectivity. Reflective details on the dog leash improve safety when moving outdoors. Your dog is more visible to others in traffic when using a reflective leash and harness in the dark. 


Order dog leashes online

The dog leash will be used many times a day, so make sure to choose the right one. Different situations require different types of dog leashes: always consider the type of use when making your purchase. Find a dog leash that keeps your dog comfortable and safe.