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Your FACE is a Finnish fashion store chain focusing on a high level of service. We cater to women who have found their own, classical style but stay up to date on the trends of today. Our customer is not defined by their age, but by their lifestyle. Your FACE is a clothing store for women who appreciate themselves and their surroundings, and who like to enjoy small luxuries every now and then. Through our service, we want to give our customers new experiences, awaken strong positive emotions within them, lift their self-esteem and give them courage to be just who they are!

Fashion should be not only beautiful, but also sensible. We want to offer a service that takes into account your personal needs, makes your daily clothing choices easier and offers a more straightforward, uncomplicated everyday life without compromising on looks. No unnecessary clutter, no purchases you regret the day after, only clear and simple clothing. Our daily work is guided by the desire to answer your need for functional and easily combinable outfits, starting from design and purchasing and going all the way to our store presentation and personalised service.

Our stores have everything from clothes to accessories under one roof. It is the mission of our sales personnel to bring out your personal beauty and make sure you can easily display it in your daily life. Our experience tells us that the clothes that usually end up in your regular rotation are the ones that have been planned with the big picture in mind. You know you look great in them, you feel natural and you already have ideas for how to combine them. That’s why we give recommendations for complete outfits. We make sure that you end up with the right products that work seamlessly together at different stages of your life. Having pre-planned ensembles takes the complexity out of your daily clothing choices. Once you have a clear mental picture of your combinations, it becomes easier to put the outfits together time and time again.

In our stores, we work hard to give you the best, most meaningful ideas that will help you put together your own personal style. We want you to leave our store each time looking beautiful and feeling inspired, and to make clothing choices that have lasting benefits for you.