Women’s shoes

Women's shoes for casual leisure, outdoor activities and sports – find the right footwear for every occasion. Whether you need comfortable sneakers, casual sandals or sturdy walking shoes, you can find footwear for everyday life, sports and outdoor activities from Luhta.com. Choose from a wide range of durable, high-quality shoes based on your needs.

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Comfortable and stylish shoes for women

To find the perfect fit, always suit your shoes to the occasion and the season. High-quality materials ensure that your footwear retains its properties and lasts well in use. Your feet will not get tired and chafed with the right shoe that fits the shape of your foot. 

In addition to feeling comfortable, shoes should fit in your personal style; the best women's shoes combine both practicality and style. Cool sneakers add a casual touch to your outfit, sporty walking shoes are comfortable on long walks and sandals keep your feet fresh in summer.

Luhta women's shoes are suitable for all seasons. The shoe collection for spring and summer includes classy sneakers and breathable, lightweight materials. The winter collection features stylish boots and winter shoes with warm linings and waterproof or water-resistant materials to keep your feet dry in rain and snow. 

Women's sports and outdoor shoes

Do you prefer jogging on soft forest trails or hiking on rocky terrains? Your choice of sports and outdoor shoes depends on the outdoor environment, the weather and the type of sport. The shoes’ characteristics, such as the surface material and cushioning, are also important. As  active exercising puts a lot of strain on your feet it’s important to invest in high-quality sports shoes.

The multifunctional Dachstein hiking boots provide excellent grip and arch support for slippery and rocky terrains. The shock-absorbing midsole reduces strain on your feet, making Dachstein shoes an excellent companion for long hikes. Choose low-cut hiking boots for easier hiking trails and mid-cut boots for more challenging hikes. Dachstein's shoes include a GORE-TEX layer that is guaranteed to keep your feet dry on every hike.

How to choose women’s shoes that fit?

Choose your shoes based on the surface material, thickness of the sole and the planned use of the shoes. These tips will help you choose the best pair of women's shoes:

  • Material. For sports, the material of your shoes should be breathable. Also consider whether you need shoes with waterproof or water-resistant material. All materials on the in- and outside soles affect how comfortable and durable your shoes will be.
  • Sole. What kind of environment are the shoes needed for? The sole of the shoe must support you even on slippery and uneven ground. The selection of Icepeak's shoes for women offers shoes with durable rubber soles and great shock absorption.    
  • Support. Your shoes must provide excellent ankle support on long hikes. A low and less supportive shoe is suitable for relaxed leisure time. You can find both low and high-cut women’s shoes from Rukka.
  • Fit. The shoe fits perfectly when your toes do not touch the tip and the shoe does not feel loose when walking. Socks and insoles also affect how well the shoes fit. '

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