Men’s trousers

Find the right trousers for casual leisure, active training and outdoor hobbies. Padded outdoor trousers feel warm during winter. Choose men’s trousers with a zipper just above the knee to turn your trousers into shorts when it gets warm. Find quality trousers for active leisure time and hobbies online.

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Men's trousers for outdoor and leisure

Men’s trousers from Luhta are suitable for outdoor activities in all weathers. They are made from functional, high-quality materials that hold up even in heavy use. These tips will help you choose the right outdoor trousers:

  • Water- and windproof materials. Waterproof and windproof materials keep you dry and warm in chilly weather. Rukka outdoor trousers are flexible, waterproof and windproof, making them a reliable choice for rainy days.
  • Breathability. Choose trousers made from breathable materials for outdoor activities. The right trousers keep you warm and comfortable while exercising.
  • Warmth. Wear warm, padded trousers in winter. Choose a pair that is suitable for both relaxed outdoor activities and winter exercise. Lightly padded outdoor trousers or softshell trousers work well for autumn and spring. Layering lets you adapt to changing weather conditions.

Multifunctional outdoor trousers are suitable for all four seasons. You can also find trousers with detachable legs in our selection. Just remove the legs when the conditions change and you are ready for summer outdoor activities. Lightweight shorts are a good choice for summer days and high-quality men’s pants provide comfort for casual leisure. Soft sweatpants from Luhta are comfortable to wear and also look good. 

Men's trousers for active sports

Technical men’s trousers are great for sports both indoors and outdoors. Choose Icepeak’s softshell trousers for men for different outdoor activities. Water and wind-resistant fabrics keep you dry in rainy weather. If you tend to sweat a lot, choose breathable materials. The stretchy material and shaped knees allow you freedom of movement.

High-quality training trousers make workouts and running more comfortable thanks to their stretch material. Training trousers come with handy pockets that make it easy to keep your keys and other things with you. Choose breathable shorts for exercising in the summertime.

How to choose the best trousers for men

Our selection of men’s trousers offer several models for different styles and occasions. First, when looking for a new pair of trousers, consider when and where you are going to wear them. Think about the features that you want the new trousers to have. Your new trousers should be warm, waterproof and wind-resistant if you spend a lot of time outside the whole year. Soft and comfortable pants are great for relaxed leisure time.

Your trousers should fit without feeling too tight. A size chart helps you choose the right fit. Choose a bit larger size if you want to leave room for a base layer under the trousers. Browse our selection and order men’s trousers online.