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Men’s shoes

Find men’s shoes for every occasion. Shoes are an important part of functional yet stylish attire, but they are also a piece of clothing that needs to endure even in demanding use. Check our weatherproof sports shoes, outdoor and walking shoes, as well as stylish and comfortable sneakers and sandals for men.

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Sporty and casual shoes for men

The qualities needed for men’s shoes depend on the situation. The choice of shoes depends on the intended use, whether you need them for sports and demanding weather conditions or you are looking for comfortable footwear for free-time activities.

Sports and physical activity require shoes that breathe and prevent excessive sweating. Men’s shoes intended for sports also need to provide enough support, especially when running or walking on an uneven surface. Meanwhile, stylish sneakers are great to pair with everyday clothing and an easy way to add a twist to your personal style.


How to choose the right men’s footwear?

Finding functional men’s shoes that also feel good on your feet can be difficult. To succeed in choosing the right footwear for you, keep in mind the following five qualities.

  1. Flexibility. The shoe’s material and its flexibility are essential when choosing footwear for active, everyday use. Luhta men’s shoes are both comfortable and flexible, giving you full freedom of movement.
  2. Sole. Both the in- and outside soles influence how practical and comfortable your shoes are. Men’s shoes with a rubber sole stop you from slipping, but the thickness and pattern of the sole also affect how much traction the shoe has. Men’s Rukka shoes provide support and traction that are much needed in sports, especially with challenging terrain.
  3. Breathability. A breathable and high-quality material is just as important in shoes as in men’s jackets. When your shoes are breathable, you can enjoy staying on your feet even for longer periods.
  4. Support. High-shafted shoes support your ankle better than loose boots. Therefore, do not consider only how your shoes look but also how much support is needed for your foot. Shoes with high-quality midsole and toe protection provide further support in use. Dachstein men’s shoes support your feet and perform with ease even in the most demanding conditions.
  5. Waterproofness. If you use shoes in conditions where your feet are at risk of getting wet, consider getting footwear made of waterproof or water-repellent material. Icepeak shoes for men are available also with waterproof qualities, which keep your feet dry and warm in every weather.

How to choose men’s shoes that fit?

When buying men’s shoes online, the size and fit of the shoe can cause some concern. The shoe fits when your toes do not touch the tip of the shoe and the shoe does not feel loose when walking. Most importantly, the shoes need to feel comfortable on your feet, and not cause uncomfortable rubbing or pressure on your foot. The right shoes should be paired with the right kind of socks because they affect the shoe’s fit. 

Especially sports shoes should not be too large or loose. Otherwise, you are at risk of getting hurt when doing sports. When getting winter shoes, leave enough room for the right kind of socks, so that the shoe’s lining does not cause discomfort against your foot. If your shoes feel a bit too loose, they can be adjusted to fit with an insole. You can also return your order if the shoes do not fit. Buy high-quality men’s footwear for both leisure and sports from