Women’s winter shoes

Find a wide range of women's winter shoes in our online shop. Quality winter shoes keep you warm when you're out in the cold. They last in use and are perfect for active leisure and outdoor activities. Choose a pair of waterproof GORE-TEX shoes, high-top winter boots or warm-lined ankle boots.

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Women’s winter shoes for outdoor activities and sports

Warm winter boots are perfect for outdoor activities on cold days. Waterproof or water-resistant winter shoes make sure that your feet stay dry. The rubber material on the soles prevents slipping on icy surfaces. Pair your winter boots with a long winter jacket from Rukka to keep you warm.

Waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX shoes are great for outdoors in winter terrain. Choose winter shoes with shock-absorbing midsole and toe puff stiffeners to protect your feet on winter hikes. In the selection of women’s winter shoes, you can also find Dachstein’s hiking boots that are designed for demanding conditions.

Luhta women’s winter shoes combine style with advanced technical features. Sleek details make these shoes a stylish choice for winter. High-top boots protect you against snow and the rubber sole provides an excellent grip.

How to choose your winter boots

Find a wide range of women's winter boots in our selection. When choosing your winter shoes, think when and where you will be wearing them. Consider at least these things:

  • Warmth. Choose warm winter boots with soft fleece- or warm-lining. Winter shoes with breathable materials are perfect for active walks in the winter.
  • Water-resistance. Some shoes are water-resistant, others are fully waterproof. Think about the conditions in which you will be wearing your shoes and how waterproof they should be.
  • Grip. Choose winter shoes with rubber soles for winter hiking. The pattern of the sole prevents slipping.

You can choose high- or low-top winter shoes. The high shaft protects your legs from wind and snow. Winter shoes with a comfortable fleece- or warm-lining keep your feet warm.

Order women’s winter boots online

High-quality winter shoes keep your feet warm and dry all year round. Choose a size up when choosing winter shoes so you can wear thick socks underneath if needed. However, the shoes should not be too big for your feet. Order women's winter shoes online.