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Your FACE offers a personalised styling service that presents you with concrete style tips, tools and ideas to help you create your own style. Choose the most fitting stylist and location for you, send us email and we will be in touch within two working days.

Your FACE Styling is a modern, personalised styling service that is based on your specific needs in regards to style and clothing. The aim is to present you at your best – always as the real you.

During the styling session, we will give concrete advice on how to make the most of your body and colour type. You can consult our stylists for a specific event or to redefine your look entirely. We provide tips, tools and ideas that will help you more easily put together your outfit every day. The goal of the styling is create an uncomplicated, easily combinable selection of clothes and to give clear, easy-to-follow guidance for future fashion purchases.

Structure of the Your FACE styling service

Booking an appointment

Pick a Your FACE location and stylist that works for you and send us an email to give your details directly to the store.

You can also call or stop by the store to book an appointment.


Chat about your specific wishes and goals for the appointment.

Styling appointment

Personal meeting with your stylist, trying on the outfits your stylist has prepared ahead of the meeting.


We are always happy to hear how you felt about our service. If needed, we can always schedule another appointment.

Our personal stylists at your service

Kirsi - Your FACE Hämeenlinna

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Hi there!

I’m Kirsi Torttila, stylist at the Your FACE store in Hämeenlinna.  Are you having trouble shopping for clothes? Let me offer my expertise and help you find new outfits that are in line with your style, body and colours and also support your existing wardrobe. I want you to look stunning and elegant without having to start each and every day by agonising over your choice of clothes. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and start a journey towards the wardrobe of your dreams!

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Silva - Your FACE Kamppi

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I’m Silva Kajander, stylist at Your Face Kamppi.

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Henna-Riikka - Your FACE Sello

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I’m Henna-Riikka, stylist at Your FACE Sello.

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Virve - Your FACE Kouvola

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I’m Virve, stylist at Your FACE Kouvola. My goal is to make every woman feel beautiful just the way they are. Together, we will put together outfits that bring out the best of your colour and body type and accentuate your style, making you feel perfect every day of the year. Having outfits that are sure to work together ready to go guarantees carefree clothing choices and makes everyday life easier!

You are welcome to join me for a one-on-one pampering session at the Your FACE store in Kouvola!

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Heidi - Your FACE Lappeenranta

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I’m Heidi, stylist at Your FACE Lappeenranta. Looking for new things to wear? I can help you find the best style for you, complete with appropriate outfits and colours that make use of your existing wardrobe. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, so we can bring out the best in you.

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Oona - Your FACE Hyvinkää

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I’m Oona, stylist at Your FACE Hyvinkää. Are you looking for new outfit ideas? I want to help you look stunning and find the best solutions for your everyday style.

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Laura - Your FACE Oulu

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I’m Laura and I work as a stylist at the Your FACE store in the Valkea shopping centre in Oulu. Want to enjoy a small moment that’s just all about you? Let us put together outfits that are suited for many different occasions at day or night. I will also give you advice on colours and shapes that best suit you!

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