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Luhta aClass-membership in the online shop

Luhta aClass customer loyalty programme is integrated into online shop. aClass customers that are logged in can check and update their customer information, will get aClass benefits and their online orders accumulate to their aClass money balance. At the moment it is not possible to use aClass money for payments in online shop. However, this feature will be added in the future.

Customers that already are Luhta aClass members can easily create a customer account by opening the registration form and choosing the option ”I’m already a Luhta aClass member”. When this option is choosed, then only the email address that is linked to the aClass member information needs to be given. Once the email address is given and the account is created, we will send a hyperlink to the given email address in order to set the password for the created account. All existing aClass member information and the aClass money balance will be shown in the customer account when logged in.

If you are not a Luhta aClass member yet, you can join the programme and register as a customer by clicking the hyperlink below. As a Luhta aClass-member you will also receive information about the campaigns and offers in online shop.

Register as a customer and become a Luhta aClass member >

Information about Luhta aClass programme and its terms and conditions >