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The right clothes for every occasion with the Aleksi 13 Styling service

Get in touch and we will schedule a styling appointment when it’s most convenient for you. When you would like to book an appointment to a store in Helsinki area, send us email to: and in Lempäälä:

Need help giving your style a quick update or renewing your whole wardrobe?

Let our trained fashion stylist help you find outfits to match your needs and wishes, whether for work, everyday life or special occasions. A carefully-built wardrobe makes use of a small number of items that can be combined into many different outfits, making everyday clothing choices that much easier.

  • Choose a quick styling when you need a quick style update, like an outfit for an upcoming family gathering. Duration approx. 1 h.

  • The wardrobe upgrade styling option includes a comprehensive wardrobe recommendation that’s tailor-made just for you. Duration approx. 1-2 h.

  • In the online styling, our professional stylist gives you personalised style tips and recommendations remotely and then puts together a fitting set of items for you to pick up from your nearest store.

Our trained stylists help you find the right clothes for your personal clothing needs regardless of your size, age, gender or intended use.

Quick styling

Getting ready for a job interview? A fancy party coming up? Going on holiday or on a business trip? Absolutely nothing in your closet to wear to tonight’s event? Go for a quick styling!

In the Aleksi 13 quick styling, our trained stylist will help you pick a fitting and flattering outfit for any specific event. The stylist considers your clothing needs, your body’s proportions and your colour type in order to find the most becoming options. These informed choices will serve you well for a long time to come, and they can be used as part of many different future ensembles.

Wardrobe upgrade styling

Need help finding your personal style or giving it a refresher? Maybe your proportions have changed significantly or you would like to update your appearance due to a new job? Get a full wardrobe upgrade!

Aleksi 13’s wardrobe upgrade styling service helps you either rebuild your wardrobe from the ground up or just revitalise it with a couple of easily-combined items that bring your old clothes together in fresh, new ways. A functional wardrobe does not need to contain tons of different clothes if you have the quality basics down.

Our trained stylist can recognise your best sides and give you tips on how to emphasise them. The stylist will help you find your own personal style and give recommendations on dressing right. Bring your favourite clothes along to the appointment, and you will get tips and ideas for combining them with the new items you pick from the store. You will also get written instructions that will help you choose clothes in the future. A personal styling session is a wonderful form of indulgence that provides long-term benefits and joy.

Set up a comprehensive styling appointment, duration 1-2 hours.

Style should not come at the cost of safety. We make sure to keep all surfaces clean and to use hand sanitizer. We also maintain a safe distance and wear face masks. Let’s take care of each other!

Online styling

Our trained stylist will meet with you remotely, find out what you’re looking for and use the information to put together a personal style recommendation for you. The stylist can assist you with clothing decisions for work, parties or everyday wear, put together a suggestion and collect the items in the store for you to pick up. You can take the items home for fitting or try them on at the store. You will also receive instructions to help you make clothing decisions in the future.

Tailoring and alteration services

Need to have hems, sleeves or trouser legs taken in, minor alterations made, or a button moved? We’ll take care of it!

All Aleksi 13 stores offer tailoring and alteration services. Please ask a salesperson for more information.

Get in touch and we will schedule a styling appointment when it’s most convenient for you!